Implementation Support for Effective Workforce (Pyramid Model (PW-PBIS)), Tier 1 (Universal), Tier 2 (Targeted),  and/or Tier 3 (Intensive)(depending on need): *

Includes but not limited to:

  • Training
  • Practice-Based Coaching
  • Technical Assistance
  • Behavior Case Study
  • Data-Based Decision Making Guidance
  • Guided Implementation
  • Permanent Products

The initial focus will be implementing universal/Effective Workforce/Tier 1 (policies and procedures, building positive relationships, designing supportive environments) practices with fidelity. SPEC Facilitators will work directly with your program or LEA for 6-12 months – eventually leading to the internal facilitators/coaches assuming tasks and responsibilities related to implementation with ongoing support from the SPEC Facilitator for 2-3 more years with the option of consultation in years 4-5. This would be guided by a sustainability-action plan. If a program or LEA is already implementing the universal/ tier 1 w/ fidelity, then SPEC facilitators can guide the implementation of tier 2 and/or 3. PAPBS Network Recognition is available if programs/schools meet the necessary requirements.

*Hours depend on baseline, size and needs of program and/or LEA. Programs and/or LEAs can expect approximately three years of implementation support for Effective Workforce/Tier 1 with subsequent hours being determined as programs and/or LEAs scale up implementation to Tiers 2 and 3 (based on progress).  A single site program/LEA can expect at least 170 hours of support during the first year, hours for subsequent years will be determined based on need.


What We Can Offer

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